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I’m a programmer and proud parent of 3 kids, so my life is largely a split between looking after the little ones, helping them with homework and so on, and doing development. I like programming in my free time as well as for work, so that’s fine, but also try to read as much as possible as well – occasional bits of fiction, but mostly reading about news, programming, business and occasionally law.

I’m mainly a .NET programmer, although since my experience predates the .NET framework, I’ve naturally used a range of other languages as well, and aim to have done non-trivial development with a wide selection of languages, including VB, PHP, C#, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, R and more. I’m interested in anything technology-related, and am always keen to see where things are going, from automotive technologies to web technologies to energy generation to VR and more. I’m always keen to develop my skills and knowledge in as many areas as possible.

I completed the taught element of a Masters in Intelligent Systems last year, but the development project on hold to work on a side project involving peer to peer loans. This followed on from doing a number of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-related courses online taught by universities including Stanford and Georgia Tech. This was done around full-time work, as I find it important to keep learning about technology, and what better way to advance than to pick an area that you haven’t specialised in and pursue real academic study on top of applying what you’ve learned at work? While I’ve taken a break on the Masters, I’ve completed a couple of courses on Contracts and Intellectual Property recently, and aim to continue to broaden my knowledge in areas of business as well as technology.

I try to interest the kids in technology, working on a telepresence robot and other smaller electronic examples using microcontrollers. They’re not particularly interested in the non-hardware-related software I develop generally, so it’s a way of making what I do more real for them and involving them in my 24/7 technology interest. I see technology as a driving force for change, and am happy to remain part of that.

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