Here are some of the certificates I’ve got some ongoing studies. Since they’re electronic certificates it seems appropriate to hang them on my website rather than on the wall. There’s plenty more that I don’t have on here, too, because I’ve been keen on ongoing study for some time now. I’ve found it quite satisfying to complete these courses, as much the ones which aren’t directly in my existing line of work as those that are, and I would encourage others to take the time to increase their depth and breadth of knowledge in the same way – online courses with the likes of Coursera, Udacity and edX being available for free.

For prospective clients who haven’t investigated these online course providers, I encourage you to do so. Completing these courses often mean having studied at an undergraduate or postgraduate level with some of the top universities and lecturers in the world – Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, etc. By recognising the value of these courses we can encourage others to participate and open up top-quality academic resources to others. I’m as proud of these as I am of my Masters modules, because these have generally been of just as high a standard and mostly cover subjects I was less familiar with when starting the module.

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